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Telluride Mountain Massage

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”


- Hippocrates

Andrea Ball


I started my journey into bodywork and massage through yoga 16 years ago.  It gave me a physical body awareness I had never known before and the knowledge and technique to heal my injuries and maintain my active lifestyle.  Learning massage was a natural progression for me, since it can be a powerful tool for injury prevention and maintenance as well. I studied here in Telluride and worked in the spa world for a bit, then went to Thailand to learn their methods of Thai massage. Not knowing it then, I was learning trigger point therapy, myofascial work, sports massage techniques, not to mention some serious deep tissue work.  I was hooked! It became a part of me and my work. Since then, I’ve deepened my knowledge of the body and continue to add tools to better serve my clients on their journey. 


My yoga training includes 2 months at various Sivananda ashrams to gain my 500hr teacher training. This allowed me to experience yoga in its most spiritual form and learn the philosophy behind it, as well as breathwork and meditation.  Sivananda forms(poses) are rejuvenating, classic Hatha poses that free the body of stagnation and give a wonderful basis for a home practice.  I am currently learning Katonah yoga which is a wonderful addition to my foundational training because of it’s attention to the forms and the depth of adjustments. 


As a Telluride resident for 9 years, I’ve been fortunate to do my work and teach private yoga at Dunton Hot Springs the past five.  I’m excited to expand my Telluride clientele and be a part of such a badass wellness community. 

Mountain Sunset


Rates Starting at $125 an Hour


Ashiatsu Massage

Feet, Hands & Head

Thai Yoga Massage

Relaxing Oil Massage with Hot Stones

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

Colorado CBD Massage

Private Yoga Session

House Call Service

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